ClintonHistoricalSocietyIn honor of the 70th birthday of Helen Allen Nerska, President of the Clinton County Historical Association (CCHA) Board of Trustees, family and friends made contributions to CCHA to establish a fund for acquisition of objects for accession. This fund will allow the Association to purchase an object (document, letter, map, photo, book, etc.) relevant to the history of Clinton County and not available through donation for inclusion in the CCHA Museum collection.

The majority of objects preserved in the Museum’s collection are the result of the generosity of the residents of Clinton County.  However, there are those occasions when a relevant object to the County’s history becomes available through auction (e.g. Ebay) or private sale.  It is precisely with regards to these opportunities that this fund was established.

To date, approximately $5000 has been donated to the fund.  It is the intention of the Association to accept donations to the fund on an ongoing basis.  Anyone interested in making a contribution to this fund should feel free to do so at any time.  Simply indicate in some fashion that your donation is to be applied to the Helen Allen Nerska Fund.  Periodically, objects purchased through the fund will be featured on the CCHA website and Facebook Page (Clinton County Historical Association).

Please mail your tax deductible donation to CCHA, 98 Ohio Ave., Plattsburgh, NY  12903.  For more information, call 561-0340.  Thank you for your continued generosity and support of our Museum!