The hills around Blue Mountain Lake will come alive with the sound of music, this Friday as the Adirondack Museum kicks off its ‘Summer of ’16 Music Fest’.

This is the first year for the event and it packs a solid list of musical talent. According to marketing manager Paige Doerner “The Adirondack Museum is very excited to offer our first ever Summer of ’16 Music Fest, featuring live musical performances from the Adirondacks and beyond. The lineup will include Michael Bacon of the Bacon Brothers, Long Lake local Alex Smith, the Akwesasne Women’s Singers, the JamCrackers, and more great acts! The music fest is included in the cost of general museum admission, and is a great way to kick off summer in the Adirondacks!”

“Our visitors will enjoy live music inspired by the Adirondacks on the beautiful Adirondack Museum grounds. As a special treat for our museum members, we’ll be setting up an exclusive tented area. Even the best Summer of ’16 Music Fest fans need a break from groovin’ to the tunes, so we’ve set up our version of a V.I.P. tent just for you. Hang out in the shade of our members-only tent, grab a cold drink and a snack, put your feet up, and chill. Members can also enter a drawing for a set of autographed CDs from the great Summer of ’16 acts,” Doerner stated.

First on stage to kick things off will be the Akwesasne Women’s Singers at 10 am. This all women’s singing group originated from the Mohawk Nation at Ahkwesashsne. The group is made up of young women, mothers, aunties and grandmothers, who all work full time as teachers, social workers, students and retirees.

According to the group “We proudly share our songs and teach children so that we may honor everything that is natural to us. Through our songs we honor our Mother the Earth, our Grandmother the Moon, our Grandparents from every generation, the teachers of the Mohawk language, the Great Law of Peace, and more.”

At 11 am, Ryan Leddick goes on, with Alex Smith and the Mountain Sound at 11:30.

Alex grew up in Long Lake and his music strives first and foremost to echo the people of the area. He builds songs from a blend of traditional folk harmony and strikingly modern lyrics, confronting today’s most pressing issues with grace while paying homage to the masters who came before him.

At 1pm, it’s the JamCrackers – a group composed of Dan Berggren, Dan Duggan and Peggy Lynn.  Bergen’s roots are firmly in the Adirondacks where he was raised, but his music has branched out across many borders. He’s developed a style that has captured the spirit of the mountains in the region.

Duggan is a touring performer and teacher and is rapidly being acknowledged as one of the finest dulcimer player and composers in the country.  Lynn brings an infectious enthusiasm to all her music, with a sultry, yet powerful alto voice.

The Noncommittals jump onstage at two and won’t commit to anything, except showing up at the gig and possibly playing some great music. They call themselves “the world’s best junior high garage band” for good reason. They play R&B, Soul, Rock and Reggae.

Michael Bacon

Michael Bacon

At 3 pm, headliner Michael Bacon hits the stage with his lyrics and sound of the Adirondacks. Michael’s family has been coming to the Adirondack Region for more than 100 years and he’s been a frequent visitor to the Museum with his wife and son. “It’s a place that I feel really good and really creative and happy,” stated Michael.

Michael wrote the score for the Adirondack Museum’s orientation film, and he recorded a song his brother Kevin wrote on their first CD in 1995 called “Adirondack Blue.” Kevin also did the narration for the tour at the museum.

For this gig, Michael wrote ‘It’s an Adirondack Thing’ because “I haven’t played by myself in many years – at least 20 years when we put the band together,” he said. “Doing a 45 minute set by myself is kinda circling back to something I did a long, long time ago,” Michael stated.

Michael continued “I’m trying to just think of things to do to make it kind of interesting and really relating it to the subject. So, generally, my response to all problems is to write a song about it.”

“One of the things I love about the museum is that so many of my memories go through boats because I’m a total nut for boats. To me, when I go to the Adirondack Museum it kind of defines my great attraction just for the boats, the furniture, lifestyle and history,” said Michael.

What kind of music can you expect from Michael? “I’m a singer/songwriter and I tend to write songs that are more or less on the personal side in hopes that there’s a universal appeal. I’ll be singing some songs from the Bacon Brothers show that we do and then some songs that I think kinda relate specifically to the Adirondacks,” said Michael.

“I consider myself a composer, but the other part of me, which for the last 20 years has been with the Bacon Brothers… is very very different.” Asked if he’s going to miss his brother on-stage with him he replied “Yeah… you better believe it!”

After Michael is finished, a Musician Jam starts at 4 pm, followed up by a strum, drum and sing-along. This one’s for everyone, so bring your guitar, fiddle, bongos and join the jam. It promises to be one colorful day nestled in the vistas that surround the Adirondack Museum.

For more information visit or call 518-352-7311.