Little Falls, NY – What’s happening on Main Street? Find out on Saturday April 8 at 3pm at The Shop in Little Falls. Mac Blac, and some of his colleagues and clients have received mysterious messages. Sent by text or left on answering machines, these messages call Mac and his associates to the stage Main Street on an autumn evening. Everyone is busy this time of year: classes, meetings, getting the house ready for winter, even drinking a little beer with friends. Why have they been called together? They do not know.

On April 8 at 3pm at The Shop, located 590 E Main Street, Little Falls, Little Falls Theater (LiFT) will present “Where’s the Script?”, a one-act play continuing the adventures of Mac Blac, the only Professional Problem Solver in the Little Falls phone book. Local writer, Angela Harris, has provided another episode in the professional life of noir detective Mac Blac who views the city that goes to bed too early from his office high above Main Street on the fourth floor of the Snyder Apartments. We first met Mr. Blac at the inaugural Little Falls Cheese Festival in July 2015. “Where’s the Cheese?” introduced the detective in search for the missing cheese. He returned in the spring of 2016 in “Where’s the Cat?” Then for the second annual Little Falls Cheese Festival, “Where’s the Big Cheese?” premiered.

In “Where’s the Script?”, the Man with the Horn is back, brought to life by Oscar Stivala, and his compatriot, Malcolm Hightower, played by Al McDowell, have left homeowner tasks to answer the call. Mac Blac, as only Bob Gassmann can envision him is, of course, on call. He is, after all, the only Professional Problem Solver in the Little Falls telephone book. Bobby the Punk, Tucker Lester, and his buddy The Second Punk, Nick Salamone, stop in. Wilma is back, as Ginny Clapp brings this beer drinking retiree to the scene. Her tenant, Amanda, as performed by Carly Gassmann, joins the crew as well. Dick Friedrich as Harry DaVinci joins the crowd, and, of course, Katie Drake as the lovely Cressida rounds out the cast. Matt Powers returns as the peripatetic Mr. Burrell who stops in to drop off a package. Powers returns as director for this fifth Mac Blac Mystery.

But why are they together? What’s it all about? Join LiFT on April 8 at 3pm at The Shop, 590 E Main Street in Little Falls to find out. There is no ticket charge, however donations are welcome! For more information, please see the ‘LiFT Theater Company’ Facebook page or visit