Art in the Adirondacks spent three days last week covering the seventh annual Lake George Music Festival. We attended Piano Mania at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek, lunch meetings, practice sessions, a lake cruise, and the final full orchestra performance Thursday night back in Lake George.

Alexander Lombard has been the driving force in the creation and cultivation of the Lake George Music Festival since its inception. Lombard, who is a native of Queensbury, founded the festival in 2011 along with colleagues Barbora Kolářová and Roger Kalia.

Lombard’s vision and work for the festival has helped revitalize the landscape in the Village of Lake George, and the festival is frequently described as the region’s 21st century “cultural renaissance.”

Lombard attributes the success of the festival this way “we’ve been very lucky attracting a suburb roster of musicians right from the get go, so that helped us get a very good reputation in terms of performance quality and performance level. Not only do the musicians like coming here because they know they’re going to play great music with great friends, and great chamber music and a great orchestra, the audience knows they are going to hear some really great concerts.”

During the intermission Thursday night, Lombard made an impassioned appeal for broader support for the festival. He stated “In my opinion, just about any city in America would be proud to have this as their professional orchestra,” as he gestured to the musicians behind him.