Gyula Varosy

Gyula was born in Hungary and came to the US as a refugee in 1957, settling with his family in Buffalo and going to high school there. After receiving degrees in Architecture from the Pratt Institute and Harvard University, he lived and worked in NYC, working on public housing and community development designs with various firms and in his own practice.

He and his wife Hannie, their toddler and a new baby, moved upstate to a calmer and more reflective environment, to pursue their art. They settled in Greenwich in 1990 in an old farmhouse with a run-down, 19th century barn.

Apart from working as a consultant in architecture, renovating the barn into an office/studio/workshop was the initiation to a new artistic involvement. This was the beginning of a return to sculpture with wood as the major material – a block of wood and a chisel to find what was hidden inside… Sculpture became the central endeavor.

Hannie Eisma Varosy

The partnership of thought, memory, a mood, along with the experiences of everyday life such as reading a poem, listening to music, hearing the news or talking with a friend, are the origins of my work.

I express pieces of my life, my experiences/emotions, as they take possession of me, in a medium that best allows access.

Sometimes the medium speaks to me first, something starts stirring in my head , a thought, an idea I associate through the object or shape in front of me.