Club Al-Arabiyya is hosting their annual event “Arabian Nights”. Arabian Nights will take place Thursday, October 19th from 8pm-11pm (doors open at 7:30) in the Angel College Center Ballroom at SUNY Plattsburgh. We are bringing more exciting activities to this night, enlarging our audience and also putting together a fundraiser to aid Rohingya refugees. The event is absolutely FREE for everyone, our fund raiser is of choice and we are allowing our audience to donate whatever amount they feel is best to donate.

During this year’s Arabian Nights we have a professional dance group coming from Montreal to perform for us, they will be performing a cultural dance known as dabke, they will also be belly dancing and performing a very unique whirling dance known as dervish. Also we have a few dance groups at SUNY Plattsburgh who will be performing for us. We will be serving ethnic Arab food such as Falafel, Hummus, Baklava, Kunafa and more, along with henna art being drawn on those who are interested.

This year we are putting together this fundraiser activity for the first time. From having a strong club board, we are working together strong to make this event very special, unique and making it a success. From our great and successful promotion of this event, we are expecting a large audience this year including students, professors of the campus community and also the public. This is a great opportunity to bring our audience together and entertain them with what this event has to offer and attract them for future events. We have been very successful every year but this year it will be even better.

For more information about this event, please contact Saad Haji at (607) 262-6987 or by email at