WHAT IT IS: Tahawus’ 2nd Day of Inquiry, a full day of workshop and learning activities with a focus on three areas: early childhood, parenting; risk-taking and decision-making; and women’s rights and leadership, in collaboration with experts and guest speakers from the community.

Building on the coming together 2015 event at Tahawus, which had a focus on modern feminism and empowerment today – in school, workplace, and the art world – we want to establish bi-annual women’s centered day at Tahawus developing resources for leadership and enrichment in our neighborhoods and region. The “Day” selects topics and invests in the development of women’s abilities, provides an experience to strengthen networks of support — including male advocates, and resources / tools for starting subsequent groups and projects together (parenting, early learning enrichment, playgroups). This program is funded in part by the Adirondack Foundation-Generous Act Fund.

Tahawus creates possibilities for meaningful conversations, positive social interactions, which can galvanize a neighborhood. It is challenging to offer child services in this rural area. Women need to be in positions to innovate and lead, whether within their household or out in the community. It is Tahawus’ aim to reduce the stress, isolation, and polarization, hidden but felt, within our economically diverse community, through supporting new connections. Each workshop leader conducts a 2-hour session on one of these important focus areas. There will also be a community reception for networking. Free childcare is included for the first segment, but registration by phone is required in advance

Establish bi-annual Day of Inquiry (symposium) at Tahawus to invest in developing resources for leadership and enrichment in our neighborhoods and region.
Focus the 2017 event on parenting, early childhood learning, decision making, leadership and community engagement
Make each component inter-active, so participants take away real nuggets of knowledge and new experiences and connections they can use
Bring together diverse men and women in congenial ways that sow the seeds for new relationships; broadening our community.

Deb Dube, LCSW, Au Sable Forks. Specializes in families, foster care, separation, attachment.
Dr. Patricia Tidwell, LCSW, (NYC) Specializes in empowerment, decision making.
Michelle Zelkowitz (Elizabethtown) Artist and Educator, Human rights activist,
Sandra Weber (Elizabethtown) Author, Historian, Human rights activist.

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Pre-Registration by June 22 is strongly recommended by phone or email: 646-734-7151, TahawusCenter@gmail.com

12:30-1 Sign In / Registration – Doors open at 12:30pm, Gallery 2nd floor
Suggested voluntary contribution of $15 will be collected for each workshop, or $30 for the whole day including reception.

1-3PM Deb Dube – This workshop helps parents prepare to teach their children self-assuredness. Women have a lot of pressure in today’s society and need ways to allow themselves nurturing, acceptance, and comradery. Location:  Cloudsplitter Studio, 3rd floor,  Includes FREE child care in 2nd floor Gallery.

3:15-5:15pm Dr. Patricia Tidwell –  Discussion and activities will address women’s intuition, decisiveness and leadership, risk-taking and the role of stress.  The objective is to explore how women make decisions (differently than men, and in general).  Cloudsplitter Studio, 3rd floor

5:15-6pm  Gallery reception, 2nd floor  (light food and drink)

6-8pm  Michelle Zelkowitz / Sandra Weber   Activists sharing the stories of Women Leaders – Interactive event including film, music, and narratives highlighting suffragist Inez Milholland and other NYS women, and discussion of paths to engagement with the political process and human rights. Cloudsplitter, 3rd floor.