This year’s Essex County Arts and Crafts Festivals will be held at the Essex County Fairgrounds in Westport on Friday, July 6th at the start of Westport’s July 4th weekend celebrations and on Wednesday, August 1, a mid-week event a the height of the summer resident and tourist season. We’re inviting fine artists and craft artists from across Essex County and the neighboring region to display and offer to sell their work to what we expect will be a large number of viewers.

The event was first held in late August, 2018, with the sponsorship of the Essex County Arts Council, the Heritage House, and the Westport Chamber of Commerce and proved a significant success for the vendors who participated. Several hundred people attended and almost all the crafters were pleased with the sales that were generated. Attendees came from 22 different states, registering some 109 different zip codes for their home residences.

Last year the Arts & Crafts Festival garnered significant media attention, with interviews and article about it on North Country Public Radio, two local television stations, and newspapers across the region, as well as on the web. This year we anticipate a much more extensive promotion campaign to and response from the broadcast and print media as well as on-line sites. In addition, the Essex County Arts and Crafts Festival has established a website that will present representative images of each artist’s or crafter’s work, as well as brief artists’ statements, contact information, and links to their professional and personal websites.