Phots & Story by Dave Warner

Born and raised in Little Falls, artist John Milo Rose had an opening reception for his work at the Little Falls Library on Saturday. He attended Broward Community College and Arizona State University before moving to San Diego and opening Milo’s Pizzeria, which is still in business 25 years later.

“I started in the Pizza business by working at Ed’s Pizza down on Main street and they taught me the business. I worked there and did the pizza thing,” said Milo.

According to Milo “I only paint when I’m happy and I hope my work is a reflection of that. A lot of artists paint when they are sad or something, but I’m not that at all. Have a couple of beers, turn up the music and see what happens.”

Milo paints for the fun of it now after having tried it professionally full time. “Sometimes I sell paintings and sometimes I don’t. If someone’s interested, they buy it, but I never push them. I’m not trying to sell them like a salesman or anything – that takes the fun out of it for me.”

Milo said “I used to do art walks and exhibits like that (in San Diego) because I was really serious about it at one point. But, it took the fun out of it for me. When you have to work and hustle for it, it just wasn’t what I wanted.”

Before being on display in the library, a lot of Milo’s work was on display in his mom’s house in Little Falls. “Her friends would love it and all that, so they caught wind of it at the library. The people here that put on the exhibits every six weeks saw the stuff that my mom had and they asked her if I would be interested in having my stuff here for one of the exhibits,” stated Milo.

“It sounded like fun, so here I am, back from San Diego for the weekend,” said Milo.

The show, which has no name, consists of several oversized pieces. It will be on display in the library’s Community Room throughout the month of September.

For more information call (315) 823-1542.