At the Hamilton Center for the Arts
20 Broad Street, Hamilton, New York
Sunday, October 14, 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Instructor: Marines Perez

$140 fee will include the looms, which will be warped in advance with the weaving begun. Participants will keep the looms so that they can continue to work on their weavings after the workshop.

Class size is limited to 6 students. All levels of experience welcome to participate.

Contact Kathy Herold @ 315 368-4453 or [email protected] to register.

A bit about Marines (pronounced mah-REE-ness):

Marines Perez Santos is Kaqchikel Maya and belongs to a family of distinguished weavers from San Antonio Aguas Calientes in Guatemala. The weavings of his mother and grandmother are held in museum collections, and his four sisters have also been noted as master weavers. When Marines was a boy in the 1960s, traditional Maya backstrap weaving was exclusively a female enterprise. However, in his household, and probably in many other Maya homes, both boys and girls contributed to the family economy by doing a variety of tasks associated with weaving. At first, Marines helped his mother with tedious tasks like warping her loom, freeing her to focus on the creative work. At the age of ten, after years observing his mother and sisters weaving, he began to weave, although only out of the public eye. His mother encouraged his interest and taught him her designs. Nowadays, gender limitations are breaking down to a degree, and backstrap weaving is even taught in school to both boys and girls. Marines is the co-owner, with his wife Lydia, of Fourth World Cottage Industries based in Santa Fe, NM. This organization was begun as a venue for Maya women to sell their weavings on a fair trade basis. Over the years, FWCI has organized many lectures, weaving demonstrations, and weaving workshops throughout the United States at schools, museums and other institutions in order to raise awareness of this beautiful art form.