Welcome to A Taste of Trout restaurant, where tonight’s special feature is…….MURDER! Gem Radio Theatre returns with a new murder mystery comedy opening Friday, November 16, at Basil & Wicks in North Creek. Everett McAllister, the charming and deceitful owner of the restaurant, is found dead in the walk-in freezer. There are many reasons someone might wish him ill. Is it his ex-wife Gwen, who he cheated on; her stepsister Victoria, a lawyer whose investments with Everett turned out to be a poor choice; his new girlfriend Brigette or her daughter Madison; or Lucretia, Trout Pond’s local police officer with questionable connections to Everett? And what about Phil, half-brother to Everett and host at the restaurant? Come help solve the murder as the popular murder mystery tour returns! Participants will start at Basil & Wicks, ride the Business Alliance Shuttle Bus to Act 1, followed by Act 2 interrogations at Beck’s Tavern, and finally return to Basil & Wicks for a delicious dinner, the big reveal, and prizes.

Hannah Jay returns to direct “Girl’s Night Out”. Actors include Barbara Westbrook from Indian Lake, Karen and Eddie Munoz from Olmsteadville, Kim and Molly Smith from North Creek, and Robin Jay from North River. Tickets are on sale at Basil & Wicks; seating is limited so reservations are recommended. For further information contact [email protected]. Additional performances are scheduled at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake December 8, and at Sweet Basil in Queensbury January 11 and 12, 2019.