Essex County Arts

Essex County Arts

The AA works with the Board of Directors (BOD) in its mission to promote and advocate for a culture of arts throughout Essex County. The AA reports directly to the ECAC President. He or she attends monthly meetings (when requested) and performs tasks for the BOD.


This position administers the grant process for the Cultural Assistance Program and the Artist Career Development; publicizes grant opportunities in Essex County (via email blasts, press releases, social media, direct contact, and other methods). Reviews grant applications, keeps track of details, organizes a review panel, and reports the panel’s suggestions to the BOD. Facilitates communication for those applying for grants and provides technical assistance. Finalizes grant requirements, compile the year-end report and distributes award letters/checks. Grant writing experience is a plus.

Assists with maintenance of the website and regularly reports website analytics to the BOD. Manages email, social media, and the online newsletter. Builds and manages lists and data files (donor mailings, cultural organizations, artists in the county, and memberships). Compiles information for the printed brochure. Photographs select events. Coordinates appeal letters and other mailings.

Manages the fall event which includes identifying the caterer, inviting attendees, setting up tables etc.

The AA is expected to work 300 hours per year. The average, 25 hours a month, varies based on monthly assignments. The job begins in January 2019.

The deadline for candidates is Friday, January 4th. Apply to either [email protected] or Essex County Arts Council, PO Box 187, Westport, NY 12993. Include a cover letter, brief resume, and three references with contact information. More about our organization is on our website