by Dave Warner

The Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts at Canal Place held their opening reception for the Faculty & Student Art Show on Saturday.

Five instructors from the Center showed their work alongside more than fifteen of their student’s work.

According to instructor Kathryn Bartscht “We started off doing basic paintings. and slowly I’ve been adding to that, getting them from a beginning level to now more like a mid level. I’m pushing them to go a little further and get a little better with each class.”

Bartscht’s students were working in oils, but other mediums were represented during the opening.

“I’m doing a lot of glazing work with them now and that’s something they hadn’t done before,” said Bartscht.

New concepts are presented to the students with each successive class. “Some of these same students have been with me for more than five years, so they are very loyal and I appreciate every minute of it,” stated Bartscht.

Bartscht’s students range from their 40’s all the way up into their 80’s. According to Bartscht “I like teaching the adults, even though some of them can test me. It’s fun.”

Her students were just introduced to a ‘re-do’ class where they brought back one of their paintings that they were not happy with and were taught ways they could improve something that was already dry and considered finished.

Bartscht stated “Sometimes you do a painting and you think it’s done, and then you look at it a month or two months later and say why did I do that….how can I fix that?”

“I would love to see all of my students become Master Artists at some point. They have progressed enormously and I’m proud of them,” said Bartscht.

The Faculty & Student Art Show is a once a year event and it runs from December 22, 2018 until February 2, 2019.  More information can be found at