Art in the Adirondacks will be shutting down as of December 8, 2019. It’s been a long run, but in the end, we were unable to find a 501C3 organization that wanted to take over our goal and the associated domain, Facebook page, iOS app, and other brand items that we’ve built over the years.

Art in the Adirondacks was established with a belief in a single tenet – that a centralized platform to explore the arts and cultural events within a specific region could serve as an economic catalyst for communities and their artists through increased interest and visitor traffic to the area.

We put a lot of work into it but in the end, when we ran out of time and the ability to continue the mission, we were unable to find anyone as passionate as we were about it.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and contributed to this venture. For us though, we are not finished, as our passion and effort to explore the arts, culture, and news in the region continues with

Dave Warner & Deborah Kaufman